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Badass Content. Badass Sharing.

The Badass Button allows your users to share and view content on your site from anywhere on the web.

Enable visitors to quickly and easily share content.

The Badass Button is a simple plugin that allows people to easily share content with their social networks.

Insert the code below on your HTML page to begin sharing content in minutes.

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Increase User Engagement

The Badass Button helps users share content that’s truly badass. When the button is clicked, a shareable link is generated that can be used to promote content on the web.

Share Across Social Networks

Easily share content across social networks with the included social media bar. Shareable links can be posted on all major social media sites.

Increase Traffic

The Badass Button allows you to share content and have users link back to your site, increasing traffic. And, when users visit shared links, they can share with their networks as well.

No Button? No Problem.

Need to create a shareable link without the button? No Problem. Just click the "Create Link Manually" button above and start sharing content today.

Download our WordPress Plugin and Begin Sharing Your Badass Content!

Our WordPress Plugin is the easiest way to get the Badass Button on your WordPress blog. Simply install and the Badass Button will be available for your visitors to share your content today.